Saturday, November 19, 2011


The packaging design was my re-branding subject in my semester 2   for my BA HONS ART AND DESIGN GRAPHIC. So that I had chosen on brand were not establish will but known by people in Malaysia with their product which is JAMBU99 by inspire a new name product wich is "FRESHVITA". 

"FRESHVITA" was a combination of word from fresh and vitamin. The reasons why I choose the "FRESHVITA" name because I want to show that the drink are fresh fruit dringking juice and contain alots of vitamins. Jambu 99 is the company come out with a product of guava drink with really great test.  In my design, the logo for JAMBU99 is maintain as the usual design but I just built a new packaging design for them that can establish better for their costumer. 

This design for the ORIGINAL testy 

This design for the RED GUAVA testy 

This design for the PINEAPPLE testy